Residential Skylights

Glass skylights let the beauty of the natural light in during daytime hours or moon and starlight at night. The natural light that a skylight lets through can positively affect your health and over all wellbeing.

There are varying design options available for the residential skylight application. Thermally broken framework, custom colors available to your taste, glass choices from low E (low emission) to reflective glass to limit heat and the fading rays of the sun. We also carry out commercial applications and installations

Let us work with you to help choose and install a skylight in the perfect place,whether it is your house, cottage or recreational property. They can be installed in a kitchen to brighten up those dreary days, over your bed to star gaze at night, or over that hot tub for a hint of romance under the stars. Bathrooms can have them installed for additional light and have the option to open for ventalation.

What Design Choices Do I have with Residential Skylights?

Armed with information as to your budget, lifestyle and your home’s architecture, structure and location, we can help you choose the right skylight size, placement and style, whether vented or fixed, remote or manual.

Skylight glass can be treated with low E glass and reflective glass coatings which prevents the harmful rays of the sun from entering your home and fading your furniture or letting in the summer heat, while in the winter maintaining the ambient heat in the room.

How Durable are Residential Skylights?

We fabricate our own skylights in-house, ensuring well-manufactured products, highly energy efficient and durable, helping you control the heat in your room during winter and summer time while making the best use of natural daylight.

We also carry Columbia drop-on skylights and sell all the accessories needed to install a residential skylight, including flashings.

With over 38 years experience with skylight installation, our team will install your skylight without the risk of leaks, condensation or staining. We have experience installing skylights to metal awning structures, torch on and duroid roofs .

For an estimate on a skylight for your home, please fill in the contact form bellow or see our recent projects.

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