GLASS Canopies

Glass Canopies

Extend your living space, let the natural light in, and protect yourself from the elements with one of our beautiful residential glass canopies.

A glass canopy is made of aluminum and glass. They let natural light in while providing weather protection and coverage for a deck, patio, pool or doorways.

Glass Canopies for Decks and Patios

On decks and patios, these structures help extend the amount of usable living space and the number of months per year you will be using the space.

During the hottest times in the summer, glass canopies, (tinted or with reflective coating), add extra usable outdoor living space while providing additional areas of cooling shade and UV protection. You can enjoy more time outdoors instead of seeking shelter inside the house.

In the rainy season, glass canopies provide rain protection – allowing you to BBQ or entertain on your deck even in the rain.

Glass Canopies for Sunrooms

A glass canopy allows natural light in while providing coverage for your indoor or outdoor sunrooms. They also offer protection over large spaces like a front or back deck, or a pool – extending the yearly usage of these areas even more. They can be installed flat (like modern commercial canopies), sloping (creating a sun room effect) or peaked if installed on a structure independent of your house – such as a pool.

When making choices, we recommend that you consider the style of your house, your goals with the space, the weather in your area, and slope of your home’s existing roof.

Glass Canopies for Residential Doorways

Glass canopies are not just for decks and patios! It can also be nice in the winter to have a glass canopy above your doorway – protecting you from the elements such as rain or snow while you fumble with your keys or groceries at the doorstep.

What Design Choices Do I Have with Residential Glass Canopies?

We manufacture and install glass canopies in standard and custom sizes. You can also choose from a variety of framing options, colour, thickness and attachment preferences. We can happily help with new installation or repair of broken glass on an existing residential glass canopy system.

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