FIREPLACE Glass Replacement

Fireplace Glass Replacement

Replacing the fireplace glass will help you save over potentially purchasing a new door or fireplace and we can support you, whether it is for a repair or replacement. Our trained and experienced technicians have a great understanding of the requirements to what type of glass is needed for the heating applications. We will assist you in measuring and selecting your new fireplace glass .

From your fireplace screens to airtight stoves, we supply tempered glass and high heat (neo ceramic) glass, servicing our customers as well as leading fireplace distributors.

Do I have Tempered Glass or Glass Ceramic in my Fireplace?

Though not all fireplaces are the same, this can also be said for the glass, which can be different as well. Some doors are installed with tempered glass while others are installed with ceramic glass.

While fireplace glass will take high heat from the fireplace, it can still break. You can tell what kind of glass you had in your fireplace or wood stove by looking at the broken pieces of previous glass. If it breaks into very small pieces, this will be tempered glass. Ceramic glass, on the other hand, is designed especially for high heat applications up to 1400F and not to break if the temperature changes rapidly. If the ceramic glass was to break, it would break into much larger pieces.

To make sure you have the most trusted fireplace glass replacement, we offer high-temperature glass ceramic fireplace glass replacements, along with tempered glass for fireplace screens.

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