DOUBLE glazed windows

Double glazed windows

Double glazed windows (also known as insulated windows or sealed units) typically consist of two panels of glass sandwiching an air space. The airspace has the option to be filled with argon gas creating a dead air space or just air filled.

Sealed units also insulate from exterior street noise. If noise from a busy street is a factor, then a laminated sealed unit or triple glazing may even be a requirement to consider.

Nevertheless, over time such as for double-glazed windows made prior to the mid 80’s, the seal might start breaking down, allowing moisture to condensate the interior of the sealed unit, resulting in or a stained or foggy appearance. It is then required to replace these sealed units with new sealed units.

How Do I Get a Sealed Unit (Double Glazed Windows) Replaced?

Our technicians at Lynnmour Glass will be able to repair the fogged sealed units by replacing it with a new sealed unit, just the glass portion and reusing the existing frame. This saves you from a more expensive full window replacement.

Our service technicians will come to your home or business, measure your fogged glass (Sealed Unit), then order a replacement sealed unit. We only use top quality sealed units, c/w energy-saving low E glass, along with a double silicone seal to the unit perimeter and can work with glass windows of any dimension and configuration.

The removal of old glass is included in our sealed window unit installation service.

To get your sealed units replaced – whether they are broken or have developed this foggy appearance – contact us by filling the contact form below.

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