CURTAIN Wall Glazing

Curtain Wall Glazing

Glass curtain wall glazing systems have been used in the commercial application for a number of years. Residential curtain wall glazing systems are a relatively recent design choice for homeowners, builders, and architects. This system provides a modern look that allows for the use of larger glass panels to building exteriors than the conventional residential windows will allow.

The curtain wall system can be used as a complete glazing solution in all rooms of your house – kitchens, dining rooms, and bedrooms. In addition to being used for residential glazing, they are also the choice of architects and developers in the construction of townhomes lobbies, apartment high-rise lobbies, and amenity buildings.

What is a Residential Curtain Wall Glazing?

Essentially a curtain wall is an outer shell covering of the building, or the exterior wall constructed of aluminum extrusions and sealed units.

Curtain wall glazing is becoming more and more popular in modern home design as architects and homeowners realize the structural and architectural elements that can be obtained with this system. It allows you to have larger windows to capture views and draws in more natural light deep into your home. And, moreover, they are waterproof and airtight.

These glass walls are constructed from aluminum extrusion in varying sizes to accommodate all structural requirements. The aluminum material can be anodized as well as powder coated which allows for color choices left to your imagination. These materials will not warp, rust, and require very low maintenance.

What Design Choices Do I Have with Residential Curtain Walls?

For residential curtain walls, architects and homeowners have a wide choice in the selection of glass.

You can choose from reflective glass, satin etched obscured glass or low E (low emissivity) coated glass to achieve a certain look or visibility. Low E glass is a standard application by code for any new glazing project. Low E glass keeps the ambient interior temperature at a constant during the summer and winter in conjunction with the buildings heating and cooling mechanics.

Certain applications may also require back painted panels (spandrel panels). These are also common in areas that need to be visually obscured from the exterior, such as beams or flooring transitions. For glass colors, you can choose from clear, blue, green, grey or bronze. If a designer or architect wishes for a specific type of glass, we have the resources to attain those types as well.

The extruded aluminum curtain wall can be either painted or anodized (process to coat the surface electrolytically with a decorative and protective oxide). We have a large inventory of colors to choose from.

When armed with the material selection, the aluminum is brought to our North Vancouver warehouse where we manufacture the custom walls and windows. We will then deliver and install the systems depending on whether it is a residential or commercial project.

Each unit is custom designed to the owner’s specifications. Whatever look you are wishing to achieve, we will have the product to fulfill your needs. Let our design specialists guide you in the design, color choices and run you through the available glass choices.

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