Guardrail Systems

Commercial glass guardrail systems offer strength, durability, safety and beauty. They can be used in both the interior and exterior of large commercial buildings, such as interior staircases and landings. Glass guardrail systems can also be used on exterior patios and decks to offer unimpeded views of the surroundings.

We also carry out residential applications.

Popular Glass Guard Rail Systems

Outside, glass guard rail systems are great for restaurant decks, patios and balconies. Glass guard rails can have top rails, frames, or be “infinity glass” without rails. Pricing is different for each.

Inside, glass guard rails are popular for opening up and adding a modern look to office stairs, landings and lofts. Glass guard rail systems offer protection and safety without compromising natural light or dissecting the site lines across a room.

What Design Choices Do I Have with Commercial Glass Guard Rail Systems?

Whether you are doing indoor glass guard rails or outdoor systems, glass panels are available in clear glass as well as obscured. Panels can be complemented by a wide variety of frames, including aluminum, copper, wood Glass guardrail panels come with either a top cap rail or handrail.

All of our glass guard rail panels are safety tempered or tempered laminated glass — and are polished so that exposed edges are not sharp.

The height and width of commercial glass guard rails are set by building codes. Safety requirements determine the height and width of your glass guard rails.

We are experts in custom design, installation and repair of commercial glass guard rail systems and have done commercial glass guard rail systems for office buildings, airports, shopping malls and universities. Our experienced professionals can help you with design decisions, and assist with the entire project from design to installation. We also offer many styles to choose directly from our suppliers, and also do custom design.

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