GLASS Demountable Partitions

Glass Demountable Partitions

Glass demountable partitions are the ultimate product for dynamic, bright, flexible workspaces!

Why Should I Use Glass Demountable Partitions?

Glass demountable partitions are a great way to quickly and easily reconfigure a space or redesign an office area with minimal disruption. They are an optimal solution in offices or other commercial spaces because they also help keep noise transfer to a minimum.

Made from top quality glass, commercial demountable partitions allow natural light to flow through your workspace while noise and other distractions are kept to a minimum.

The wall partition sections are pre-fabricated and can easily be assembled or unassembled and moved. In offices, glass demountable partitions can help you easily make an instant corner office.

Glass demountable partitions can be partial or full height, depending on your needs. They are much more cost effective than traditional walls and are quick and easy to install and reconfigure.

Our glass demountable partitions can be customized for any workspace and are easy to move, remove or reuse at a later time.

Office demountable partitions

What Design Choices Do I Have with Demountable Partitions?

The possibilities truly are endless. Glass panes can be full, top to bottom panes or divided into smaller squares.

The panes themselves come in a variety of sizes. Aluminum is used for the framing and there are many glass and metal colour choices available.

Lynnmour Glass Can Advise on Demountable Glass Partitions

Call us or visit our shop to see or discuss samples of glass demountable partitions.

We also do repairs on broken or damaged glass demountable partitions. Contact us to come to your site to measure and arrange replacement. Glass will be typically repaired within one week, depending on the type of glass needed.

For an estimate on commercial glass demountable partitions, please contact us through the form below. Or, see our recent projects.

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