Commercial Skylights

Natural light from commercial skylights can positively affect mood, productivity and overall well-being. Because of this, buildings such as hospitals, schools, shopping centers and office buildings are all great candidates for commercial skylights. Another advantage of using commercial skylights in a building is savings on electricity: the natural lighting provided by skylights means less electricity is used on lighting. There are also additional savings from not needing to purchase light bulbs or pay to have them swapped out.

We also carry out residential applications.

What Design Choices are Available with Commercial Skylights?

Armed with information on your budget and your building’s architecture, structure and location, we can help you choose the right size, placement and style for your skylight. Skylight glass is available in clear, bronze, obscured, and satin-etched, depending on the type of look you are trying to achieve. Low E glass and reflective coatings (preventing fading) are also available.

How Durable are Commercial Skylights?

With over 37 years experience with skylight installation, our team will install your skylight without the risk of leaks, condensation or staining. We have experience installing skylights in metal, tile and flat roofs (sloped or not), and between trusses. We can also replace broken skylights.

In the last decades, skylights have come a long way in terms of durability and ability to withstand harsh natural elements. Our professional designers and skylight installers are familiar with which designs and brands hold up best.

Our experienced sales and technical team can help you with commercial skylights and other commercial glass solutions large and small. From sourcing to architectural advice to installation and repair, we have you covered. For an estimate on commercial skylights, please contact us through the form below. Or, see our recent projects.

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