Commercial Curtain Wall

Curtain wall systems are extremely durable yet transparent wall systems designed to span multiple floors. In essence, curtain wall systems let natural light in while keeping weather outside. Framing is constructed out of lightweight and ultra-durable aluminum extrusions, which will not rust, warp.

Most high-rise buildings you see use glass curtain wall systems. Glass curtain walls are also used in hotels, industrial complexes, and even residential applications such as modern-look homes.

Various types of glass options available

Commercial curtain walls - Mercedes projectSome curtain walls use tempered glass, which provides extra buffering from building movement during wind. When the pieces of glass reach a certain size, tempered glass is required.

Curtain wall systems can be built of various colours of glass to achieve a certain look. For glass colours and for perfomance rated glass we can attain all industry wide samples..

Reflective coatings provide an interesting look on a building and also let occupants see out during the day without letting others see in.

In applications on very loud or busy streets, curtain walls can be triple glazed for sound proofing or the make up of laminated sealed units can be used as an option.

Various framing options are also available

In terms of framing choices, aluminum frames can be anodized (process to coat the surface electrolytically with a decorative and protective oxide. Powder coating is a secondary option with a variety of color choices.

In-house manufactured curtain walls

At Lynnmour Glass, our knowledgeable and experienced team can help you or your architect or designer through the entire process of planning and installing a curtain wall for your building.

We manufacture our own curtain walls. With aluminum brought in from our supplier, we manufacture and assemble the curtain walls at our warehouse in North Vancouver. Warranties on glass and labour are available. Typically, we offer five-year warranty on glass units, with one year warranty on labour. Ten-year warranties on glass units are available for an extra cost.

Lynnmour Glass is your choice for high-quality glass products and custom glass solution engineering. We are located in North Vancouver and serve surrounding areas including West Vancouver, Vancouver, Burnaby, Richmond and all across the Lower Mainland. We also do glass repairs and replacement.

For an estimate on commercial curtain wall systems, please contact us through the form below. Or, see our recent projects.

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