BiFolding Doors

Bifolding doors are simply doors that fold in or out to open. They are usually designed to have either two doors per side that fold together and open in the middle, or four doors per side that fold together an open in the middle. If an uneven amount of panels are necessary, that is possible too.

These doors operate on a track and are very easy to use. They use much less space than regular doors, so they’re a great solution in tight spaces. They are also great in larger areas because of their fresh, modern look.

Bi-folding Door open

Where are Commercial Glass Bifolding Doors Used?

Bifolding doors can be used in interior spaces or to join the interior to the exterior space.

In commercial interiors, they can be used for utility rooms or closets. They can also provide a way of temporarily creating two rooms from one, such as divided boardroom and office space.

As an exterior application, commercial bifolding doors are often seen in places such as restaurants to link the inside dining area to the patio area. In warm weather, the doors can be partially or fully opened. This is a wonderful solution for creating a continuous flow between the indoors and the outdoors. Other uses in commercial spaces can be individual condo units or rooftop common areas.

What Design Choices Do I Have with Bifolding Doors?

Bifolding doors are designed with glass panels. This is a super choice for many applications as it allows the sun and natural light inside when the doors are closed and allows occupants to see outside. There are many different tints and glazing available between transparent to opaque. Bifolding doorframes are usually aluminum or wood and have options for glass colour and texture, including clear, starphire, bronze, obscured or satin-etched.

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